ok so i finally figured out how to build another page on this site so here we go:

a few key points about ordering from us:

1. if you have any questions, or need to contact us about your order please do so only at this email: [email protected]

again only at that email, i can not stress enough how little impact your facebook etc. messages mean to me about your order, you may get one of my fellow bandmates to comment to you but odds are i will not see it, and it will never get addressed. this is not meant to be mean, just simply i package and send all the mail order and will only see it if you email to the above address. thanks.

2. sometimes we will need to contact you about your order, so if your paypal email is not the best email to reach you at (or if you used someone else's paypal account) please include an alternate email in the order comments section, or send us a separate email letting us know.

3. if your address is not the same as the one in your paypal email please let us know right away, i try to send out all orders within 2 days of receiving them, most go out the next day, so do not wait a week to let us know you need to update your shipping info.

4. in the states all orders are sent media mail, it is the most economical way to send things, however it is often the slowest so be patient. all overseas orders get sent airmail, which while usually quick it is pretty expensive, sorry, blame the post office not us.

5. even though a lot of our merch is very limited if it lets you order it, it is in stock, so you do not need to email us first.

6. we also try and throw in whatever posters/flyers/stickers etc we have lying around with every order, but if there is something specific you want just ask and we will see what we can do. and yes we will sign records for you too, that is not meant to assume you would want that, just that we do get emails asking us for it, we are here to help.

finally, thank you all for supporting what we do, it means a great deal to us, we know it is is easy to steal all the music you listen to, we are no dummies if you found this page and can figure out paypal you can no doubt figure out how to download music, so thank you for supporting us, it really does make the difference in us being able to continue releasing records.

the saddest landscape/her breath on glass.