• Image of LAST TWO !OVERRUN DELUXE EDITION - Declaring war on Nostalgia Box Set.

(UPDATE AS OF 6.17.17): We ended up having an overrun of 13 copies of the deluxe variant, these are those, please note these copies do NOT come with the extra posters/photos/personalized envelope etc., this is just the box set/book/on the limited deluxe variant, the good news is that is why it has a cheaper price.

(UPDATE AS OF 3.26.17) until we post here otherwise this comes with a free limited edition lathe 7" we recorded on our recent euro tour, it is limited to 50 copies (25white/25black) fully packed with an insert containing a lot of photos from the tour and writings dedicated to it.

[UPDATE AS OF 12.30.16} The handwritten lyric sheets are now all gone. The set still comes with an impressive amount of extras though.

[UPDATED AS OF 11.19.16} these have arrived and are shipping now! Video below of the set [please note there are different vinyl colors for the standard edition vs deluxe. please read descriptions carefully.

[UPDATE AS OF 11.5.16] these are now shipping to us from the pressing plant! They should be in our hands soon.

***Deluxe edition comes on Purple/Aqua+Purple A side B side / Aqua vinyl (it matches the art on the inside of the box, trust us). Also includes an exclusive hand #d/signed envelope containing a handful of flyers/posters/setlists/lyrics/photos/stickers etc. from the past 15 years. Each one is unique, we saved a lot of things over the years.

And 4 orders will contain a 6" record we recorded at Thirdman last year. We also will be randomly inserting a test press in one deluxe order.

***Please note this is a preorder with a release date of 11.11.16, we may have them earlier and will ship them as soon as we receive them, we encourage you to order other items as well but please note all items will ship together in November.


A 3LP/34 Track Box set containing 15 years worth of non-LP tracks. (22 Releases in total if you are counting) plus a few unreleased/new songs.

Also includes a deluxe full color LP sized book containing lyrics/photos/essays etc.

The 3 LPs come in fully packaged LP jackets, and all is housed in a sturdy case-wrapped box designed to look great on your record shelf.

It does also come with a digital download.

***A note on postage. We deeply apologize to our overseas fans about the absurdly high shipping costs. Due to the weight of the box set we were quoted a $50 shipping charge on each order, In the unlikely event it ends up being cheaper we will refund you the difference. Rest assured we feel your pain.